Friday, January 17, 2014

Photo Catch All

It's time for a photo catch up today. Those photos that don't have their own post, but I still want to remember them.

Goodness. These girls pretty much melt my heart. Even in the tough, ornery moments. 

I caught a few first smiles:)

These two already have the sweetest little bond and I am so happy that some of the first smiles were reserved just for Wesley.

Wes gave herself her first little haircut. Luckily her hair is curly and she cut the side. Needless to say, her scissors are no longer stored at her desk.

We don't have many pictures of the parents and the little one. Taken by resident photog, Wesley.

The wispy hair on the left of Wesley's head is compliments of her hair cut. 

We added a bookshelf to the girls room and now I can't get them to stop reading!!! It's the same books they've always had, but for some reason moving them has heightened the excitement of having books.

Any ideas about bedding for the bland room would be appreciated. Keep in mind that my kids LOATHE covers at night.

I wore my regular jeans, though they are the ones I wear on chubby days, to my 5 week follow up. It felt pretty darn good.

The cheeks kill me!

 The girls made almost their entire dinner on Tuesday. 
Meatballs and sauce on top of coconut flat breads. 
It was yummy and healthy!

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  1. :) Your girls are too precious!

    I love reading haircut stories... Such a little girl "rite of passage". My oldest (also curly headed) cut her hair when she was 3 or so... With the scissors flat against the back of her head. :O

    Maybe for the girls room, look for a fun colored rug. I picked up a purple braided rug for my girls (Target clearance, ftw!) and it really brightened up their room!